Instructions On How To Use Your Brand New RGB LED Holographic Fan

1. Once unboxed you may take the included mini tripod and take the fan and flip it around to the back where the power input port is. There will be a hole for you to screw the tripod into.

2. Once you have screwed in and unfolded the legs of the mini tripod you may take the included white power cord and plug the USB C end of the cable into the back of the fan. The USB C end is the smaller end and the plug is reversible so the side in which you plug it in won't matter. Then take the included power brick and plug it into a wall outlet and plug the end of the power cable into the power brick.

3. The fan will automatically turn on after you plug it in. You may take the remote included and power it off by pressing the upper right button on the remote if you would like to while you are reading the instructions.

4. Once everything is all plugged in you are good to go and can go ahead and download the dedicated app to upload photos or videos.

Here is the link to the app on the apple app store -

Here is the link to the app on the google play store for android users -

5. Once the app is installed it will ask you to connect to a wifi device. If the fan is currently off you may turn it on now. Then go to your wifi setting on your smartphone and click on the network starting with 3D this is the wifi signal that is being produced by the fan. 

There might be a window pop up for iPhone saying the wifi network does not appear to be connected to the internet.

You want to go ahead and click use mobile data. This is very important to select when it asks you or else your phone won't have data to send photos and videos to the fan.

Once connected and you select use mobile data then you may go back to the app and begin to upload photos or videos.

6. You would upload content to the fan within the app by clicking on the plus symbol on the top right of the app.

It will then ask you to choose between local or mobile album. You want to choose Mobile album to upload photos and videos that you have on your phone.

Once you click mobile album it will take you to your photo and video gallery for you to select a photo or video to send to the device.

It will then take you to a page that looks like this once you select a photo or video to put on the device.

It will show you a circle outline showing what will be shown on the fan inside that circle. You can resize the image by just pinching and zooming in or out with 2 fingers.

7. Next you will press the send button on the upper right corner and you should see a box pop called filename. You may name it whatever you want but it is very important to make sure it is all lowercase with no spaces. You can use _ the underscore to separate words but if you try adding spaces the content will not upload. After that the fan will start flashing blue and a % loading bar show up on your screen.

The fan will continue flashing blue while the content is being uploaded. If for any reason there is a network interruption to the upload and it fails you may redo the process of sending it to the fan and it will restart the upload.

8. Once done uploading the content and the name of the file should show up within the app and you may click on it to show it on the fan.

Also you may use the remote to skip through and go to the specific photo or video you uploaded.

For videos you may loop the video so the video will keep playing over and over without switching by pressing the loop button on the remote.

9. Now that you know how to fully upload content to the fan you can have fun and test out all kinds of different photos or videos you have and see how they look on the fan.

Our recommendation is to use videos with black backgrounds since they will look the best and show the best holographic effects.

We usually don't do this and usually charge $9.99 for this but for this month we are giving away all of our videos with black backgrounds so you can test out our very cool videos that show off the holographic effects very well.

 Here is the link to our custom package set

You may download them to your phone and then save them to your photo gallery to add them to the fan. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to

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Will I get a tracking number with my order?

Yes all orders get tracking numbers even international so you can track your product every step of the way.

Where are you based?

We are based out of Florida and our support team is USA based as well!

Do you accept returns for full refunds?

Absolutely we have a satisfaction guarantee. So if you are dissatisfied you can send it back within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund on your order.