4 Reasons Why Everyone Is Raving Over These Coasters

Beautiful Unique Design

Search high and low, but you'll be hard-pressed to discover coasters as exquisite as these. Finding such a remarkable blend of artistry and functionality is a rare gem. Boasting + 5-star reviews, these coasters are not just functional; they're a testament to fine craftsmanship. While the images may captivate you, experiencing their beauty in person is a revelation you won't want to miss. Witness their true splendor firsthand.

They smell amazing! Just like a forest!

Meticulously crafted using natural cedar wood, these coasters exude a delightful light cedar fragrance that transports you to the heart of nature. Rest assured, the scent is not overwhelming; it's just the right amount to provide a subtle and refreshing touch to your surroundings.

Highly Absorbent Cedar Wood

Every coaster in this set features a layer of highly absorbent cedar wood, ensuring that your glass won't adhere to it and any moisture is rapidly soaked up. Whether you're enjoying a hot cup of coffee or a refreshing iced beverage, rest easy knowing that these exquisite coasters are diligently safeguarding your furniture from unwanted stains and marks.

Your Guests Won't Miss Them!

Have you ever experienced a guest placing their drink directly on the table, RIGHT BESIDE YOUR COASTER? Well, with these stunning and attention-grabbing coasters, that won't be an issue. Your guests will instantly notice them and instinctively do the right thing – place their drink on the coaster!

Love these coasters! The don’t stick to the bottom of your drink when it starts to sweat. My daughter got a set and I liked them so much I got a set for myself. Great as gifts.

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Here are some questions that our readers frequently ask us...

How many coasters come in a set?

We sell a six, eight & twelve pack of handcrafted wood cedar coasters.

What are these coasters made of?

Beautiful natural cedar wood and epoxy resin, which creates an attractive look that exudes the charm of a modern coasters for drinks.

Is there a strong cedar scent?

These coasters emit a gentle and inviting cedar aroma. It's carefully balanced so that it enhances your surroundings without being too overpowering, creating a delightful atmosphere in your home.

Can I use these coasters with both hot and cold drinks?

Absolutely! These coasters are versatile and designed to accommodate both hot and cold beverages.

Do these coasters have a protective finish?

Yes, these coasters are thoughtfully finished with a protective layer. This finish helps safeguard against moisture and staining, ensuring that they remain pristine and long-lasting.

How do I clean these coasters?

Cleaning these coasters is a breeze. Simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth whenever needed. Their smooth surface makes maintenance effortless.

Can I use these coasters outdoors?

While these coasters are designed for indoor use to maintain their quality, you can certainly bring a touch of nature indoors by using them in your outdoor-themed decor.

Are these coasters suitable for all types of furniture?

Yes, these coasters are carefully crafted to be safe for use on all types of furniture, whether it's wood, glass, or another material.

Do you offer free returns?

Yes we have a full 30 day money back guarantee with every order.

Do you ship worldwide?

Right now for countries outside of the U.S. the countries we ship to are Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand